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Earth day #investiourplanet

The #Earthday reminds us that we should call all investment to divast from destructive actions that destabilize our planet towards a brighter sustainable future for all. For more security and prosperity many of our investments should not be down payments. Many of the investments are destroying nature and nature gives us everything and they are causing massive pollution to our planet. On this international #MotherEarth day , we call upon small investments in a net zero world which provides clean and abundant energy for all. And also a healing nature that benefit and pollution free planet which ensure clean Air and healthy water for everyone. When we invest, we are seeking a return and there is no better investment than those that backed, and our future and our very existence. #future #security #investment #climatechange #1trilliontrees #Climate #Finance #earthhour2023 EARTHDAY.ORG EarthX Earth Trust EARTHDAY.ORG - India #water #india #water #investments #sustainable #water #payments #energy

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  • George Kariuki


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    We can work towards a future that is not only more secure and prosperous but also environmentally sustainable.

    • Mc Kaka


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      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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