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Climate change is affecting people’s lives. But your ideas could help pave the way forward! We have abundant resources in farms; some states consider it waste, but this biowaste can be profitable to use. Agriculture waste is used as an important raw material in making charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are compacted blocks made of agriculture waste and shredded coconut shell. It will undergo carbonization using a carbonizer. After this, it will pass through a charcoal shredder or pulverizer and then go to a mixer to mix the substance with binder and water. The final step in making charcoal briquettes is to compress and mold them into circular or hexagonal shapes using a briquetting machine. Then the charcoal will dry using different drying methods like sun drying, electric dryers, or furnace dryers. Charcoal briquette is profitable, it is widely use in restaurants, samyupsal, grilling indoor/outdoor and household. Because of its geometric shape, the fire lasts longer with high, uniform thermal heat and cooks more using fewer pieces of charcoal. Therefore, in using charcoal briquette you can save money and resources. It is also odorless, and produces less smoke and ash. #savetheenvironment

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