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New Zealand Funds Support Indigenous Farmers and Forest Protection in Borneo

New Zealand is providing financial aid to Indigenous farmers in Indonesian Borneo. This funding, channeled through the Farmers For Forest Protection Foundation (4F), will be used for programs that combine protecting the forests with improving the lives of local communities.
The programs will involve training and deploying forest guards, supporting villages in managing their ancestral forests based on traditional practices, and providing assistance with local forest regulations and monitoring. Additionally, the funding will be used to train villagers in and help them implement sustainable agricultural practices.
The initial funding of NZ$24,800 has been allocated to villages in West Kalimantan province. These villages rely on their ancestral forests for various aspects of their lives, including medicine, handicrafts, building materials, and traditional rituals. Protecting these forests is crucial for the cultural, economic, and spiritual well-being of the communities.
Both the New Zealand government and the Indigenous communities view this project as mutually beneficial. The funding will allow the villagers to develop more sustainable farming practices while protecting their vital forests. This aligns with New Zealand's focus on supporting local solutions to climate change and empowering vulnerable communities. The hope is that these efforts will not only conserve the forests but also generate additional income for the villagers, ensuring the continued sustainability of their way of life.

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  • Jane Wangui

    3 d

    This is quite encouraging.alot can surely be done given the appropriate resources to deal with them.

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      3 d

      Great to see financial support commitments time for the forest and indigenous communities

      • walter lungayi

        4 d

        Very impressive!! This move reflects a collaborative, cross-border approach to environmental stewardship. By empowering local stakeholders, this initiative can yield more sustainable land management practices and protect vulnerable ecosystems.

        • johnte ndeto

          4 d

          This is very encouraging as financial support plays a major role in pushing for climate agenda

          • Joseph Githinji

            4 d

            This is a marvellous idea that will help take care of our forests and protect the indeginous communities.

            • Videlis Eddie

              4 d

              This is super amazing our forest should be protected in all means

              • Kevin

                4 d

                Great work !

                • Annett Michuki..

                  4 d

                  amazing job

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