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The Impact of Community Forest Gardens on Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods

David Abach's Forest Garden is a game-changer. In 2020, he joined Trees for the Future's Forest Garden Training Program, dedicating half a hectare of his Kenyan farm to this transformative initiative. Under local Trees for the Future (TREES) guidance, he rapidly embraced the sustainable agroforestry Forest Garden Approach.
Today, his farm has evolved remarkably. David no longer limits himself to maize and beans; he now enjoys the benefits of Cajanus trees and a variety of vegetables for sustenance. His Forest Garden employs various agroforestry techniques, such as nitrogen-boosting Cajanus alley cropping and the establishment of a living fence serving multiple purposes, including soil enrichment and wind protection.
Over three years, David's tree count skyrocketed from 12 to over 3,300, creating a microclimate that shields crops from excessive dryness during the harsh dry seasons.
Furthermore, these trees will soon become an additional source of income for David through carbon credit sales, thanks to TREES' partnership with Aspiration.
The stark contrast between his Forest Garden and traditional farming methods outside is evident in soil quality and crop health. The Forest Garden, enriched with compost, thrives, providing David with an abundance of vegetables, enabling him to allocate savings for other essentials like meat, fish, and his children's education.
With just one year left in the TREES training program, 38-year-old David is on track for long-term success. His Forest Garden's positive impact on both his livelihood and the environment promises to extend for generations.

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  • Ann Nyambura

    39 w

    The increase in tree count and potential for carbon credit sales is a win-win.

    • Saustine Lusanzu

      39 w

      An example to follow

      • Hilda Wangui

        39 w

        This is amazing and inspiring

        • winnie nguru

          39 w

          All the benefits under one project. Its so good to see such projects change impact the lives of locals and foster a healthier environment

          • Gorffly mokua

            39 w

            Agroforestry is the best way to promote biodiversity and combating climate change.

            • Patrick Kiash

              39 w

              Great! And inspiring too. Trees for future guidance is amazing, I can attest that personally.

              • Elizabeth Gathigia

                39 w

                Such dedication it's inspiring, thanks David

                • johnte ndeto

                  39 w

                  This is so impressive

                  • Annett Michuki..

                    39 w


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