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Eliminate malaria once and for all or it will come back stronger, UN warned

African leaders have warned that the world is facing the “biggest malaria emergency” of the past two decades. Heads of state and experts came together in a show of unity to call for urgent action on malaria at the UN general assembly on Friday, saying progress on eradicating the disease faced serious setbacks from mosquitoes’ growing resistance to insecticides, and the decreased effectiveness of antimalarial drugs and diagnostic tests.

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  • Patrik Lobergh

    42 w

    Shouldn't this be a climate love to UN, as they are addressing this? 🤔

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      42 w

      Addressing the growing malaria emergency is crucial for global health. We must act swiftly to combat mosquito resistance and improve malaria control efforts. Unity and urgent action are key to eliminating this deadly disease once and for all. 🦟🌍 #MalariaEradication #GlobalHealth

      • Patrick Kiash

        43 w

        We should fight Malaria in all ways possible. But,this review should not be a warning to the UN. Actually they are warning the African Union to act hastily to save their citizens against Malaria diseases.

        • Joseph Githinji

          43 w

          A great clarion call that all member states should heed to. Malaria is a major concern and fighting against this is paramount.

          • rosebellendiritu

            43 w

            It's high time united nations raise the voices higher concerning the diseases and ailments that affect people especially small kids,may it heighten also the introduction of vaccines also to prevent such.

            • Princess

              43 w

              The warning from the UN underscores the importance of not becoming complacent in the battle against this deadly disease.

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