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Global warming & Hypocritical Main Sponsor

For the fifteenth year in a row, Preem is the main sponsor of the skiing competition Vasaloppet. Preem works “Towards a major restructuring of operations by 2035”. The effect that global warming have on the skiing world can already be seen. I wonder how the already melting tracks will look in 12 years… It’s time for Vasaloppet to cut all ties to the fossil fuel company. Skiing is not compatible with companies that actively contribute to the warming of our planet.

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  • George Kariuki

    72 w

    It's incredibly hypocritical of Preem to be a main sponsor of a skiing competition when their operations will no doubt contribute to global warming and the melting of the skiing tracks.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      72 w

      This is can be termed as a very bad marriage/relationship.

      • Sarah Chabane

        72 w

        The irony is real! Why would Vasaloppet have Preem as a sponsor when they are obviously causing the snow to disappear? 🤡

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