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Fossil fuel companies and the transportation sector get a lot of flack for the carbon emissions they are responsible for - but other areas, like the entirety of the Internet, are huge contributors on their own. . Powering the Internet - whether it's data centers, internet service providers, or other technologies - takes a lot of energy. Estimates put the carbon footprint of the Internet at approximately 3.8% of global emissions. That's about the same as the global aviation industry, or the footprint of the entire UK! . While large data centers have announced plans to become carbon neutral by 20XX (with some already reaching carbon neutrality!), you don't have to simply wait for the big players to do the heavy lifting. Website designers and developers already have many tools and tricks at their disposal to limit the carbon footprint of their websites. By using system fonts, optimizing and compressing graphics, and sticking to static websites, website creators can reduce their website's footprint from 1.76 grams per page view (the average across tested websites) to just fractions of a gram. . *** This post was made in collaboration with @greennewperspective (on Instagram)! They have shared lots of tips to help people of all professions go greener (even those that may not think there is much opportunity). Make sure to check out their other tips on their Instagram page! 😊❤ *** . . Read more about tips about how you can make your website more energy-efficient: https://www.npws.net/blog/b2b-websites-sustainability-tips/ . Graphic shows a retro mouse cursor over an internet browser icon. The factoid reads: "The Internet produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions, roughly the same as the global aviation industry." . Pixel Planet Today is created by Terrabyte (https://terrabyte.eco). Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. 🌎❤️ . . #carbonfootprint #carbonemissions #carbonfreeinternet # #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

  • Edwin wangombe

    85 w

    This is unbelievable.... How can something so good to the world be so devastating to the same word

    • Pixel Planet Today

      84 w

      The pros and cons of a digital age 😣 as we move towards renewable energy, this number should start to decline, but for right now, the amount of electricity needed to power the Internet is massive 😶

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