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Alfa Laval and Maersk Pioneer Methanol Retrofit for Sustainable Shipping

Alfa Laval and Maersk are at the forefront of the maritime industry's green transition with a groundbreaking methanol retrofit project. The Alfa Laval fuel supply system, FCM Methanol, has been chosen for the industry's first methanol retrofit on the container vessel Maersk Halifax. This milestone initiative not only highlights the technical feasibility of retrofitting ships for methanol propulsion but also underscores Alfa Laval's leadership in providing advanced solutions for the evolving needs of the maritime sector.

Redefining Methanol Solutions in Marine Industry
Alfa Laval is driving the marine industry's transition to cleaner fuels by offering methanol solutions tailored for both new and existing vessels. The collaboration with Maersk involves the installation of the FCM Methanol low-flashpoint fuel supply system on the 15,000 TEU Maersk Halifax. Scheduled for completion by mid-2024, this innovative retrofit will equip the vessel with dual-fuel capabilities, allowing it to operate on green methanol.
Viktor Friberg, Head of Marine Separation & Fuel Supply Systems at Alfa Laval, expresses pride in taking on this new challenge: "We collaborate with industry frontrunners in exploring and embracing innovative ways for decarbonization. The project with Maersk gives us a unique opportunity to retrofit our equipment for methanol use, for the first time."

Landmark Retrofit Project - Engineering Excellence
The retrofit involves adding a new methanol fuel line alongside the traditional one, overcoming space constraints and tight schedules. This landmark project showcases Alfa Laval's dedication to advanced engineering and practical considerations when working with methanol. The company's extensive experience in technology research, product development, and operational vessels (over 450k hours) positions it as a leader in providing methanol solutions for vessels, both existing and new.

Ole Graa Jakobsen, Head of Fleet Technology at A.P. Moller-Maersk, emphasizes the significance of the project in their net-zero emissions strategy: "Retrofitting solutions to accommodate new fuel, thereby enabling the engine to operate on methanol, is a complex task that requires expertise, and we are happy to have Alfa Laval on board on this project."

Unmatched Expertise in Methanol-Fueled Vessels
Sailing with green methanol is a sustainable choice for reducing emissions, and Alfa Laval has been a pioneer in this realm since 2015. With over 80 contracted ships and more than 450,000 hours of operational experience, the FCM Methanol system has become the preferred choice, showcasing Alfa Laval's commitment to delivering high-quality equipment and reliable services. The project aligns with Maersk's ambitious net-zero emissions target for 2040, marking a significant step in the journey towards a more sustainable maritime industry.

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  • walter lungayi

    14 w

    This collaboration between Alfa Laval and Maersk is a significant step towards sustainable shipping. Retrofitting ships for methanol propulsion demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility in the maritime industry.

    • Princess

      14 w

      Kudos to Alfa Laval and Maersk for pioneering sustainable solutions in the maritime industry!

      • Munene Mugambi

        14 w

        The carbon emissions that'll be cut when this is operational will be certainly monumental

        • George Kariuki

          14 w

          This is truly exciting news for the future of sustainable shipping!

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