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We know we need to reduce our fossil dependency and we know fossil subsidies are the definition of "human insanity". The problem is that the solution to the above is linked to reduced billions of revenue for many and many more, so we won't see a solution to this madness tomorrow. Therefore, I am launching this idea to We Don't Have Time, which is an organization that has taken up the baton and wants to speed up the solution to the climate crisis. We start with "digging where we stand" - All employees at We Don't Have Time check their CO2 footprint and create a "competition" where everyone must try to reduce their footprint by 1 ton per employee. The result is communicated on the platform and We Don't Have Time "challenges" other organizations to do the same. If only Ericsson and Volvo would accept the challenge, we would have achieved a reduction of almost 125,000 tonnes. Not bad, so time for some action and a little less talk.

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  • Johannes Luiga

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    This is a really great tool

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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