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COP conferences are ineffective.

The UN has been having a yearly COP conference every year for almost 30 years, but almost no progress on climate change has been made as a result of the conferences. The major countries have failed to make climate pledges and Brazil has failed to step up to the plate and pledge to the UN that they would protect a certain percentage of their rainforests. All it is is a bunch of politicians making photo ops while lying to the public about climate change.

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  • Joyce Waturu

    52 w

    28 COPs with meagre results is enough proof that these annual meetings have failed tremendously and are unnecessary to some extent.They have not yielded much and it's in plain sight that COP28 won't be any different.

    • Richard S

      52 w

      Gulf States want to be on the winning side......

      • Peter Kamau

        52 w

        There's so much foul play at the COP and that absolutely lenders it ineffective.It seems like COP28 will be the most controversial of them all,the red flags can tell it all already

        • ance Star

          52 w

          Engagement is the key to deal with climate matters

          • George Kariuki

            52 w

            Public awareness, engagement, and mobilization are key to driving political will and accelerating the implementation of climate solutions beyond the conference rooms.

            • Manu RRG

              52 w

              Psilocybin is the way

              • Bella Anis

                52 w

                Need real shifting, the awareness and consistency towards make it happened

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