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Among the Arab countries that could be significantly affected by climate change are:
1. Yemen: Experiencing water scarcity, deteriorating agricultural conditions, and increasing drought severity.
2. Egypt: Facing issues due to rising sea levels and changes in rainfall patterns.
3. Jordan: Confronting challenges in water resource management and rising temperatures.
4.Palestine is also among the countries that could be significantly affected by climate change. The issue of climate change impacts many countries around the world in different ways, and various regions in the Middle East may face new challenges due to climate change.
Potential impacts in Palestine may include increased drought and water scarcity, changes in agriculture and the environment, and rising sea levels affecting coastal areas.
5.Tunisia: Dealing with negative impacts on agriculture, water resources, and coastal areas.
6. Algeria: Being affected by declining water resources and changes in precipitation patterns.
7. Morocco: Suffering from increasing drought and declining water sources.
Please note that the list of countries affected by climate change is not exhaustive, and there are many other countries and regions facing new challenges and changes due to climate change.
Remember that climate change affects different regions in various ways, and this list may not cover all countries exposed to environmental impacts.

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  • Patrik Lobergh

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    Hi Fawzya, why a climate warning to OX2, they are offering renewables, shouldn't it be a climate love instead?

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