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UK scientists discover method to reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emissions by 90%

90% CO2 reduction in the existing steel industry is possible, according to new research. The iron and steel industry accounts for 9% of global greenhouse gases. Researchers from the University of Birmingham have developed a method to reduce CO2 emissions from steelmaking by nearly 90% by converting CO2 into carbon monoxide that can be reused in the iron ore reaction in blast furnaces. The technology uses a thermochemical cycle that performs chemical reactions through changes in temperature, reducing emissions by the amount of coke needed. If implemented in two remaining blast furnaces in the UK, it could save £1.28 billion in five years and reduce the country's overall emissions by 2.9%. The method can be retrofitted to existing plants, and the university has filed a patent application for the system. It is seeking partners for pilot studies and implementation.

I would love to hear SSAB's views on this new research. Can SSAB partner up? Or is the HYBRIT process better? Maybe this technology could be used as a transition technology.

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  • Johannes Luiga

    67 w

    Very interesting study

    • Munene Mugambi

      70 w

      Let's see where this heads. An ingenious idea it is

      • Sarah Chabane

        71 w

        Interesting to see what SSAB will have to say about this solution!

        • George Kariuki

          71 w

          This is fantastic news! It shows that it is possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the steel industry.

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            71 w

            This is incredible idea and l think it will be good if SSAB partner up

            • Peter Kamau

              72 w

              I hope steel companies around the world are watching out for this game changer in their production.

              • Tabitha Kimani

                72 w

                This is a great technology which needs to be implemented. May many partners embrace the pilot project. The best part is that it can be retrofitted.

                • Daniel Waweru

                  72 w

                  This is a brilliant idea!

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