Comrades to Youths Africa's post

Traditional schooling doesn't equip students with all the skills they need for personal and professional success. That's why Comrades to Youths Africa partners with schools to form Students Clubs, providing essential skill-building initiatives. Let's empower the next generation! #StudentEmpowerment #YouthEmpowerment

  • Gorffly mokua

    60 w

    Great initiative!

    • Evangeline Wanjiru

      60 w

      Such a wonderful initiative

      • bonke reinhard

        60 w

        So sad if our traditional schools can't do it but good thing is that the club's formed in the schools will equipment them with the necessary requirements needed

        • Comrades to Youths Africa

          60 w

          If we wait for the governments to think about us, we shall sink badly. Let's work together with the little resources we have to make a world a better place

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