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They have devloped a circular "super fibre" made of textile waste

92 million tonnes of fashion waste are produced every year while we are running on limited resources and part of the fashion industry consumes huge amounts of fossil fuels. With these facts in mind, the Finnish company Infinited Fiber decided to find a solution by transforming the way we make clothes. After decades of research, they developed Infinna™ a circular super fibre made of textile waste. Their technology breaks down waste and captures its value at the polymer level, giving it new life as Infinna™ – a unique textile fibre that looks and feels like cotton and is known scientifically as cellulose carbamate fibre. A wide range of cellulose-rich materials can be used as feedstock such as cotton-rich textile waste but even used cardboard, paper, wheat or rice straw. Infinna™ is biodegradable and very versatile. It can be utilised in different applications to create new clothes, just like normal cotton fibre, it can be used alone, but can also be blended with other materials. The company is already collaborating with several brands, such as Patagonia, GANNI or Tommy Hilfiger. The company has already attracted so much interest in its technology that it recently announced it was investing €400m (£345m; $400m) to build its first commercial-scale factory at a disused paper mill in Finnish Lapland. Infinited Fiber's goal is to produce 30,000 tonnes of fibre a year once it's operating at full capacity in 2025, which is approximately 100 million T-shirts.

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  • Edwin wangombe

    89 w

    Sustainable waste management and circularity are great concepts to adapt in the world as they are beneficial to the world

    • Peter Kamau

      89 w

      This is super brilliant.


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