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🌊💙 Exciting News! ARTPORT_making waves is thrilled to be part of a community dedicated to protecting our precious OCEAN! 🌊✨

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Being part of this network is vital for us, as it allows us to collaborate and make waves for societal change. 🌍💫 We thrive on mutual support and are committed to giving back to our partners and colleagues. 🤝
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In support of Monaco Ocean Week, we’re excited to announce our presence at the conference from March 19 to 22, 2024! 🇲🇨
Our director, Anne-Marie Melster will be representing ARTPORT_making waves, advocating for our interdisciplinary approach that connects art, science, and informal education to promote ocean awareness and protection for future generations. 🎨🔬🌱

At ARTPORT_making waves, our mission is deeply rooted in fostering positive environmental impact through various avenues:
Environmentally Sustainable Projects: We've significantly reduced CO2 emissions by implementing projects that minimize shipping of large artworks, reducing team travel, and collaborating predominantly with the local community and artists. Our commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint extends to our use of printing materials.
Education and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development: Through our projects worldwide, we empower youth by integrating environmental themes into visual arts, actively involving them in the learning process. The outcomes of these projects, along with their impact, serve the higher purpose of lifelong learning, as educational institutions are invited to freely utilize the content and collective artworks produced.
Gender Equality: We prioritize gender balance in our global artist commissions, with a strong emphasis on supporting female artists, curators, experts, and leaders to ensure equitable representation and sustain the work of women in the arts community.
Supporting Indigenous Communities and Traditional Knowledge: ARTPORT_making waves has been a steadfast advocate for indigenous rights and knowledge since its inception. We actively support indigenous artists, groups, and research efforts to preserve traditional knowledge, contributing to biodiversity conservation aligned with UNESCO's values.
Supporting Ocean Conservation, Reforestation, Climate Action, and Education: We regularly contribute to local nonprofits engaged in solutions related to ocean conservation, reforestation, climate action, and education, both locally and globally.
We can’t wait for meaningful conversations with marine experts and fellow ocean advocates, and to explore potential future collaborations!

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🗣️💡 Let’s make waves together! 🌊💚

#MOW2024 #MonacoOceanWeek #OceanLiteracy #OceanProtection @monacooceanweek @fondationprincealbert2 @unoceandecade @un_ozeandekade_deutschland #WeAreOcean_GlobalProgram #OceanProtection #FPA2 Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco
  • Patrick Kiash

    4 w

    Keep on making waves, its very important to educate society and to promote ocean awareness and protection for future generations. Yes may we make waves #Together

    • Sarah Chabane

      4 w

      Cool! I had no idea this was going on, I look forward to reading more from your work there

      • Adam Wallin

        5 w

        Great news, more organizations need to learn about interdisciplinary methods!

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