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Good climate news this week
1. EU power sector 2023 pollution down 24%
2. US in new $20b green bank program
3. China coal share of installed capacity down to 40%
4. Deforestation down 39% in 2023 in Brazil, Colombia
5. EVs to overtake petrol cars in Norway in 2024
6. Inter-American Court of Human Rights issues decision enforcing right to healthy environment
Climate anxiety is real and widespread. This thread ⬆️, which has run weekly for more than 4 years, aggregates good climate news to show that climate action and climate justice are widespread - and have momentum. Just keep on clicking for a big dose of good climate news!
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  • Patrick Kiash

    6 w

    Thank you for sharing with us this important information every week, they do help a lot.

    • Lucinda Ramsay

      6 w

      Thanks for posting such positive statistics 😃

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        6 w

        Amazing news.USA,China,Brazil and EU are setting the pace in climate action.

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