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India sets sights on home-mined minerals to boost its clean energy plans

Now other critical minerals, like lithium, cobalt and nickel, which are also used in solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, are being discovered in India. It’s a chance to build out more green infrastructure in a country with escalating energy needs and bolster mineral supply chains worldwide, but concerns remain about the environmental consequences mining will have on neighboring villages, like Kaliapani.
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  • leo rasy

    39 w

    The shift towards electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems necessitates a steady supply of lithium and cobalt, which are critical components in batteries. Reducing reliance on imports of these minerals is a strategic move to support the growth of the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors in India.

    • Daniel Waweru

      47 w

      This is so encouraging and a win to the environment

      • bonke reinhard

        47 w

        Good news to the lovers of environment

        • Grace Njeri

          47 w

          Mining adversely affects the environment by inducing loss of biodiversity, soil erosion,contamination of surface water, groundwater, and soil.

          • winnie nguru

            47 w

            There before the mining that was done affected residents in a negative way. I hope whatever they are promising that the minerals mined going forward will be used in making solar panels and help them accelerate green energy is actually true

            • Rashid Kamau

              47 w

              The mining and refining of these minerals will have significant negative environmental impacts.

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