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Greta Thunberg

Climate love

Greta Thunberg: “Our politicians will not come to the rescue of planet Earth”

We are living in a state of emergency: the climate, ecological and sustainability crisis is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. For too long, we have ignored the effects, and now we are living through the consequences. Twenty of the 21 hottest years since records began in 1850 have occurred in this century. Since 1950 the global number of floods has increased by a factor of 15 and wildfires by a factor of seven. The abnormally hot and cold temperatures experienced throughout the world (temperatures in Britain passed 40°C for the first time in July) caused by global heating are thought to contribute to as many as five million human deaths a year. The natural world is being devastated: we are witnessing rapid species loss and the destruction of entire ecosystems.

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  • Timothy Ndegwa

    31 w

    We still remedy this terrifying state of our planet if we can change our way of relating with our planet by adopting sustainable lifestyle.

    • Gerald Kutney

      31 w

      @timothy_ndegwa Good comment ... especially getting off of fossil fuels

    • Dawn Stephens

      31 w

      We have to do our very best to stop them Destroying our home. They are so short sighted. Yes the planet will survive but species inc humans may not with the behaviour exhibited by those who choose short term gains for selves, rather than a future for us all!


        31 w

        #Addiction #Awareness #Surrender #Accountability #Action .#Reflection

        • Andreas Kōhler

          31 w

          It is not about our planet. The planet will stay the planet and some species will survive. Like the rodents, the turtles and the insects 65 Mio years ago or the species that survived the great dying in the Permian-Triassic event. It will be us who will get extinct or gets resetted to irrelevance rather sooner than later. Talking to other adults/parents most are aware of that. But they still don't act with the necessary drastic changes because it would make their life right now more complicated and less comfortable.

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