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SUSWATCH urges Kenyan counties to fast track climate financing An environmental civil society organisation wants the county governments to prioritize mitigation of climate change impacts through fast-tracking climate financing implementation. Sustainable Environmental Development Watch (SUSWATCH) Kenya said counties should allocate 2 per cent of the development budget to finance climate change mitigation programs. Suswatch program officer Ronny Cowino said the fund was pivotal in addressing climate-related challenges and ensuring sustainable development The meeting brought together the media, Ward Climate Change Champions, and WCCPC representatives to encourage an in-depth understanding of the challenges, successes, and future plans regarding climate finance implementation in the county. Sustwach has been operating in Kisumu since 2011 and working closely with the Kisumu County government in formulating the Climate Change Policy 2019 and the Climate Change Act 2020 to guide the implementation of climate finances in the county. The act has outlined the constitution of the Ward Climate Change Planning Committee (WCCPC) in all 40 wards to oversee the implementation of climate finances within the county. Sustwach has also been training communities and county officials on fast-tracking climate financing implementation in Kisumu County. Cowino said WCCPC in Kisumu has been diligently working towards effective strategies to expedite the implementation of climate finance initiatives in the county.

  • Princess

    25 w

    It's encouraging to see SUSWATCH urging Kenyan counties to prioritize climate financing for mitigation programs.

    • Jane Wangui

      24 w

      @princess_nel_268 counties could do so much better with the right guidance.

    • johnte ndeto

      26 w

      Breaking down to counties will result to the entire country being onboard towards positive climate change

      • George Kariuki

        26 w

        We can play a vital role in supporting and advocating for effective climate financing across Kenya.

        • winnie nguru

          26 w

          Governors should take this seriously and be a part of the solution to climate crisis

          • Jane Wangui

            24 w

            @winnie_nguru I agree.Sometimes they are just all over the place complaining about funds distribution without showing what they could do while they are in power.

          • Munene Mugambi

            26 w

            I agree the counties need to fast track climate funding but I believe they have bigger problems, hunger, literacy levels, security and infrastructure development. They all need to be addressed

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