Lucky Taderera's post

The negative impact of climate change can be effectively reduced if we all put our heads and hands together. Inclusivity is key. The bottom to top approach is important as it involves people in communities who are directly affected by the climate change. If they become knowlegeable about mitigatory measures , they will implement strategies in a sustainable way. Let it be community movement. Together we can. Below is my photo delivering a speach at Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare Zimbabwe about how Zimbabwe can mitigate the impact of El Nino enduced drought by adopting smart agricultural practices and technology. I pointed out the need for a community movement. The communities need to appreciate this move and inclusively participate in order to make it a success. This can be achieved through investing in awareness campaigns , training and availing financial support. The needy ones , are the marginalised people of the community , who are allways at the receiving end. The pepetrators are not the ones who suffer the most. Let the voice of the marginalised be heard. Together we can.

  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    17 w

    Your dedication to addressing the negative impact of climate change and advocating for a bottom-to-top approach is commendable. Emphasizing inclusivity, community involvement, and the importance of knowledge-sharing in mitigating climate change is crucial. Your speech at Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe, reflects a commitment to raising awareness about smart agricultural practices and technology to combat the impact of El Niño-induced drought. By highlighting the need for a community movement and emphasizing the participation of marginalized individuals, you underscore the importance of empowering those most affected by climate change. Indeed, collective efforts, awareness campaigns, training, and financial support are key components in fostering sustainable change. Your call for the voice of the marginalized to be heard reinforces the idea that true progress requires the involvement of all community members. Together, through collaboration and shared commitment, positive strides can be made in mitigating the effects of climate change.

    • George Kariuki

      17 w

      Yes. We need to united in working together for our planet.

      • Lucky Taderera

        17 w

        Thnk you Winnie and Munene for your comments , yes, together we can.

        • winnie nguru

          17 w

          In unity we achieve things deemed unachievable

          • Munene Mugambi

            17 w

            We can achieve quite a lot when we put our heads together

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