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“What the citizen wants, the consumer must buy” Exactly this hit the nail on the head during the meeting on Monday 31 October. This afternoon we were guests of Rabobank Heerlen with almost 50 participants in the Regional Food System South Limburg, the Netherlands. An inspiring session with farmers, processors and producers, representatives of education and government, strategic partners, logistics managers and marketing employees. There was someone present from every link in the 6 production chains within the RVS-ZL. But we still have a lot to wish for for the future. That is why the meeting focused on 'creating added value in the chain'. Because; How is it possible that we leave the fruit on the trees in the Netherlands, while we import the apples from abroad? How is it possible that we don't get rid of our own organic peas in the Netherlands, but do bring sprayed beans to the Netherlands? How come we don't put quality first? And how is it possible that an average hot meal that is consumed in the Netherlands travels 33,000 km before it is on our plate, while all the ingredients for a healthy meal are available here? In 6 subgroups we entered into a dialogue about challenges in the 6 production chains. Many challenges faced by producers emerged. But above all, many inspiring ideas and connections. One conclusion was unanimously reached by all present; “We have to ensure that Limburgers are again proud of what Limburg has to offer. And that is a lot, a lot!”. We are proud to present our latest RVS-ZL regional product, apple juice consisting entirely of Limburg apples 🍎 Limburg quality, good reward for farmer and producer, with a small footprint on our earth. We drink to it! Would you like to know how you can also participate in the Regional Food System South Limburg? Sign up via the website https://www.rvszl.nl/

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