We are trying to prove that it's possible to preserve and restore Arctic sea ice using renewably powered water pumps.

Real Ice to Test Hydrogen-Powered Pump in Cambridge Bay, Canada in January 2024
We are a UK-based initiative, designing and testing a scalable system to restore and preserve Arctic sea ice, powered by renewable energy. The approach, to pump water from below the ice in the winter to thicken it, is simple. We will demonstrate our technique in Arctic conditions is an effective, low-impact and reversible way to preserve and restore Arctic sea ice.
Our ‘AquaFreezing’ approach, based on research by Bitz & Pauling (2021), periodically floods the snow layer in early-winter and allows it to freeze, creating an additional layer on top of the ice that will contribute to the additional growth of the sea ice during the winter. At the end of Winter, adding to the snow-layer on top of the sea ice will also increase insulation from solar radiation in the Summer. Real Ice believes that its technology could help to restore and preserve the extent of the Arctic sea ice, which has been experiencing accelerated (up to 4x faster) effects due to climate change in recent years.
Real Ice is set to test our first iteration of a hydrogen-powered water pump in Cambridge Bay, Canada in November 2023, which will be the first time that Real Ice's pumps will be powered by hydrogen to be used on the Arctic sea ice. Real Ice will be hosted by the Canadian High Arctic Research Station in Cambridge Bay - a well established and equipped research centre. The combination of ideal weather and sea ice conditions for testing, combined with local community engagement before, during and after the trip is expected to provide the team with essential learnings. In areas where there is extensive local knowledge of the land it will be essential to collaborate to gain an understanding of the relationship between the people and sea ice. Hence, Real Ice will be supported by the Ekaluktutiak Hunters & Trappers Organization located whilst conducting research in Cambridge Bay to ensure that we select a location for our research that will not impact the local community or wildlife whilst guiding our team whilst on the ice.
The Cambridge Bay test is one of a sequence of planned real world deployments culminating in the restoration of the sea ice in a whole Arctic bay within 5 years, to demonstrate its capabilities to scale the technology. The company believes that its technology could have a significant impact on the fight against climate change and help to protect the Arctic environment and it's inhabitants.
The Future of Arctic Sea Ice
The future of Arctic sea ice is uncertain and the risk of a blue ocean event in the Arctic Ocean is very real - the consequence of which would be that the oceans would heat more rapidly, expanding and flooding more coastal towns & cities and driving more severe storms across the planet. The stability of Greenland’s glaciers and Arctic land and ocean permafrost would also be reduced, potentially amplifying sea level rises and greenhouse gas emissions..
Although the preservation of Arctic Sea Ice is not the whole solution for global warming, it has the potential to be an important - and achievable - component of the mitigation strategies to fight climate change.
About Real Ice Development Company Limited
Real Ice’s mission is to demonstrate that a scalable and economic approach to Arctic Sea Ice restoration whilst meaningfully engaging with all key stakeholders is feasible. The UK based team is supported by some of the world’s leading Arctic scientists and policy makers. A large part of our success will be determined by the engagement and active involvement we achieve with local Arctic communities. Traditional knowledge should be at the centre of our decision-making process as we believe that without it, we could not complete the task we have set out to do.
Check out our website for more detailed information on the science behind our approach or to get involved!

  • George Kariuki

    19 w

    I believe that Real Ice's work has the potential to make a significant impact on the fight against climate change.

    • Munene Mugambi

      19 w

      Such magnificent problem solving skills are certainly welcome in the climate space. Hopefully it works as theorised

      • Abraham Jok Atem

        19 w

        Keep trying and making it work. It is great to know that it's possible to restore Arctic sea ice using renewably powered water pumps

        • zelda ninga

          19 w

          We have solutions we only need to implement them, renewable energy is the game changer.

          • Gorffly mokua

            19 w

            @zelda_ninga_442 And implementation is always the main problem!

          • Rotich Kim

            19 w

            Nothing is impossible all things are possible thro collaboration and properly resources allocated this is possible

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