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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Litepaper for! Our mission is to revolutionize carbon reduction industry. We purchase high-pollution cars, scrape them, and generate an NFT as proof of reduction in carbon emissions. Our NFTs not only represent a 100% verifiable reduction in carbon emissions, but they also provide a permanent record of this reduction that can be easily traced on the blockchain. To ensure transparency, our NFTs are tied to a specific car through its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), age, mileage, and fuel consumption. This data is recorded on the blockchain and government registry. It can be easily verified by anyone interested. By providing this level of transparency and accountability, we believe that our NFTs can play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and creating a better future for the planet. Check out our Litepaper to learn more about our project and our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Link to the Litepaper:

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