Climate warning

Sarah Chabane

26 w

Joe Biden

Climate warning

Approving new gas & oil terminals while calling for phasing down fossil fuels at COP27

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty account on Twitter is pointing out the hypocrisy of the US government that supported a stronger fossil fuel phasedown text at COP27 and approved both a new gas terminal in Louisiana and a new oil terminal in less than a week. The Commonwealth gas terminal in Louisiana won't start shipping gas until 2027 and is expected to export 8.4 million tonnes a year of gas. The Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT) is a massive offshore oil export terminal on the Texas Gulf Coast which was approved on Monday and would emit over 300 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. Both projects are a recipe for disaster for local communities, ecosystems, and the climate. Time to end the hypocrisy and act on climate instead of worsening the situation with every decision.

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  • Edwin wangombe

    25 w

    It's such a shame

    • Marine Stephan

      25 w

      This is insane... we need actions, not empty promises

      • Patrick Kiash

        26 w

        current leaders, of late they do double speak, not very cool!

        • Johannes Luiga

          26 w

          Not good

          • Muhammad Fahd Khan

            26 w


            • Timothy Ndegwa

              26 w


              • Professor Aniebiet Inyang Ntui

                26 w


                • Tabitha Kimani

                  26 w

                  Oooh my God. Why now?? These should not happen. We actually thought Biden was seriuos about climate change.

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