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Seizing the opportunity.. Africa has made a small contribution to the global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion compared to the rest of the world, however, a recent shortage of oil refineries across sub-Saharan Africa coupled with soaring crude prices due to the war in Ukraine has left countries dangerously short of fuel supplies, disrupting airlines and causing queues at filling stations.. That is an opportunity!! The African Export-Import Bank and the African Petroleum Producers' Organization signed a deal in May to create a multi-billion-dollar "energy bank" to boost private investment in the sector but analysts say there are few quick fixes on the horizon. Climate change activists should push harder to influence the status quo in Africa. African leaders can seize the opportunity via using the available finances to shifting into green energy projects as there are plenty of sunny days over there. I hope to witness some persuasive dialogue about the subject during the upcoming COP27 in Egypt.

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