What does the future of sustainable finance look like?

What is the sustainable future for finance? How will companies of the future operate within the limits of our natural world? What changes should we make to create a sustainable future? During this year’s Building Bridges conference, Chi Impact will host a workshop to support finance professionals in developing future scenarios that answer these questions. By combining Heart Intelligence and Design Thinking, we will help the participants find their place in fostering the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.
To change the finance sector to be more sustainability-minded and oriented towards positive impact, we need to include a wide range of stakeholders and actors. This need is what birthed the Building Bridges conference, an annual event taking place in Geneva with the intention of “building bridges” between the finance, governmental, and international development communities. The goal? To create the best possible conditions for a faster transition to a global economic model aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
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This year’s conference takes place between October 2nd and October 5th, starting with a high-level summit on the first day followed by 3 days of panel discussions, workshops, and sessions to foster deeper discussion and collaboration between actors.
On October 3rd, we at Chi Impact Capital are hosting the workshop “Foresight Scenarios for the Future of Finance” together with Solar Impulse Foundation and EPFL. We will use a combination of Heart Intelligence, the knowledge that our hearts can also guide us into making reasonable and intelligent decisions, and Design Thinking, the process of identifying problems and designing solutions to tackle them, to allow participants to envision sustainable futures where financial decisions are not only driven by numbers but also by a deep understanding of human needs and aspirations, and discover their role in making this future a reality.
The reason for combining Heart Intelligence with Design Thinking is to allow participants to go beyond conventional approaches by tapping into their innate creativity and compassion. We believe that by letting your heart into the decision-making process, you can find more meaningful social and environmentally-conscious outcomes. The goal is to have each participant leave the workshop with a clearer perspective on how they can take steps today toward a solution space that they can identify with.
We encourage you to learn more about Heart Intelligence and other similar research and include your empathy into your decision-making process that affects future generations. To learn more, feel free to take a look at the Building Bridges conference and our workshop.
  • Gorffly mokua

    2 w

    This is wonderful, wishing you all the best

    • Johannes Luiga

      37 w

      This is truly a great initiative! Wish you best of luck during these important days

      • Sarah Chabane

        37 w

        This will be very interesting!

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          37 w

          The future of sustainable finance is not just about numbers; it's about integrating human values and environmental consciousness into financial decision-making. The Building Bridges conference, hosted by Chi Impact, is a commendable effort to foster this shift. By combining Heart Intelligence and Design Thinking, they aim to empower finance professionals to envision a sustainable future where financial decisions align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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