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Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges

As surface and water temperatures rise, human, animal and plant life respond,Scientific studies document these responses. In doing so, science builds a foundation for understanding how our lives are impacted by climate change and what we can do to slow

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  • Peter Kamau

    60 w

    Twitter has been a phenomenal channel for climate justice activism and so the company should endeavour to shield the affected parties from cyber bullying in order for them to comfortably foster climate action without any unnecessary threats

    • Joyce Waturu

      60 w

      It beats logic for Twitter to take affirmative measures to tame the negative energy on the scientists who are doing just what's right than for them to see twitter off for no better reason. They're an integral part of climate action. However being forced to bow to pressure puts their psychological well being at stake

      • Munene Mugambi

        60 w

        Twitter is a free space and last time I checked there hasn't been sanctions against speech. I think the problem is people wanting to impose thier ideas on others

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