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Why the time is NOW to address climate change

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As the effects of catastrophic climate change begin to materialize in parts of the world, the alarm sounded by Jonathan Foley from Project Drawdown rings loudly in our minds: "Meeting the Paris Accords—and limiting global warming to 1.5˚ C or 'well below' 2˚ C—requires we stabilize emissions and then cut them nearly in half by the end of the decade."

The urgency of addressing climate change in a strategic manner has never been more apparent, and the time is now to take bold and immediate action. In this blog post, we will explore why the next several years are crucial, the challenges we face, and how innovative solutions, including those offered by Tradewater, can play a vital role in steering us towards a sustainable future.

The critical decade: how we’re falling behind

According to the "Carbon Law," a framework derived from various climate scenarios, immediate action is imperative. We must stabilize and cut greenhouse gas emissions by almost half by the early 2030s, ultimately reaching "net zero" emissions by the early 2050s. Unfortunately, we are falling behind this trajectory, and the deployment of many climate solutions is not swift enough. This urgency is compounded by the fact that we are already experiencing approximately 1.2˚ C of warming. The need for bold, rapid, and transformative changes in policy, capital, business, technology, and behavior has never been more pressing.

The non-CO2 gas problem

A significant hurdle in the race against climate change lies in non-CO2 gases, which account for nearly half of all global warming from human activity since 1970. Unlike carbon dioxide, these gases, once released into the atmosphere, cause rapid damage and cannot be removed through nature-based solutions or other technologies. Immediate reduction of non-CO2 gases is essential, opening a crucial window for implementing longer-term strategies focused on CO2 reductions and removals.

Tradewater's contribution

In this race against time, Tradewater is proud to be making a critical contribution. Focused on two major categories of non-CO2 gases – halocarbons and methane – we are actively engaged in finding, collecting, and destroying halocarbons from equipment and stockpiles globally, expanding into new regions and countries every year. Additionally, we are taking strides to permanently stop methane emissions by identifying and plugging leaking and uncontrolled orphaned oil and gas wells, starting with the U.S.

Halocarbons, potent greenhouse gases often found in old equipment and stockpiles, pose a significant threat to our climate. Our efforts in locating and eliminating these sources have prevented the equivalent of millions of tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Methane, another potent non-CO2 gas, is a major concern due to its rapid warming potential. Tradewater's commitment to plugging leaking and uncontrolled orphaned oil and gas wells directly addresses this issue. By preventing the release of methane, Tradewater not only mitigates immediate damage but also buys precious time for the development and implementation of broader CO2 reduction and removal strategies.

We have had an impact to date of about 7.5 million tons of CO2e—but the clock is ticking, and we’re not stopping now. We're on a pathway to 22 million tons of impact in the next few years.

The urgency to address climate change strategically, within this decade, cannot be overstated. As we navigate the challenges ahead, Tradewater stands as a valuable player in the broader solution. By tackling the immediate threat posed by non-CO2 gases, Tradewater is contributing to the stabilization of our climate, providing a crucial window for implementing broader, long-term solutions. It is imperative that we recognize the severity of the situation, embrace innovation, and support initiatives like Tradewater alongside other key players to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. The time to act, together, is now.

Learn more about Tradewater's innovative climate solutions at tradewater.us.
  • George Kariuki

    5 w

    The time to act is now ⏱️. Let's all work together to support initiatives like Tradewater's and embrace a sustainable future for our planet !

    • Munene Mugambi

      6 w

      It is time to take a step towards protecting our planet, healing the planet by beating climate change, by making a difference. Heal the world, make it a better place.

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