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Erlijn van Genuchten

11 w

Ocean Conservancy

Climate idea

We need to protect marine wildlife as nature is so precious

The average age of humans has increased significantly over the last few decades, reaching 83 for a girl and 79 for a boy in 2016. This life expectancy is more than twice as long as ancient Greeks and Romans, but we can't get around aging. Aging is often looked at from a cellular and organ/tissue point of view, but it can also be looked at from other levels, such as populations, individuals, and macromolecule, and from different perspectives, such as evolution and mechanisms. These other levels and perspectives show fascinating differences between animals, such as marine animals that understand the art of aging and can grow a lot older than humans. In this article, I explain the aging process of 4 marine animals that can grow very old, which shows how precious and fascinating nature is:

Wanna Grow Old? These 4 Marine Animals Know The Art Of (Not) Aging

Why certain marine animals can grow a lot older than we do

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  • Munene Mugambi

    11 w

    Marine life is necessary for marine ecosystems. It should be taken care of

    • Patrick Kiash

      11 w

      Thankyou for sharing this awesome article with us. I learnt this great lessons too for a longer life.. 1.Preventing chemicals to enter our bodies by eating organic foods 2.Meditating instead of eating food to relax 3.Quitting smoking 4.Eating the right amount to prevent becoming overweight

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