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Mother Nature and Wellbeing

Time is now to keep the world green and clean.Both local and global solutions plays a major role on reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. No one to blame, refuse single used plastics, empowering Youth Clubs with green skills . Adaptive Capacity to foster a resilient community.(Climate Smart Agriculture and economic growth) Be ready,Be engaged and Take Responsibility.. it's time to give back to Nature by embracing sustainable practices. We can reverse the situation before it becomes irreversible. Active listeners at COP 28, For the sake of our planet and future generation , let's take a positive response on the ground. Be the change,by embracing sustainability.

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  • Judy Doerr

    19 w

    Green and clean must include greatly decreasing our animal agriculture industries production and human gluttinous consumption across the globe, especially in COUNTRiES sUCH AS US, Australia and other high meat/meat byproducts producers. Why is this left out of the discussion almost entirely. Animal ag industry is major polluters to land, sea, air , biodiversity loss and causes many human health issues from gluttinous consumption and massive production waste. More land is required to grow feed for livestock than grown to feed human population. It is unconscionable that we discuss climate change without discussing food system alternatives, like much more plant based consumption and production please respond!!!!!

    • Rashid Kamau

      19 w

      Earth is our home,we must therefore ensure it's clean and healthy.

      • Abraham Jok Atem

        19 w

        It's a good things to empower the youth clubs with green skills. We must kept our world green and clean

        • Hillary Munyole 🇰🇪

          19 w

          @abraham_jok_atem Climate finance should align with climate solutions Reduce/ limit carbon emissions by investing in Green skills initiatives

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