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Nithio announce new investment in Solar King targeting Nigeria and Uganda

📢 Exciting #SET100 News: Our SDG-7 & Clean Energy Access finalist from 2021, Nithio, an AI-driven platform for clean energy investment, recently made funding available for Sun King. Sun King’s solar home energy solutions are used by over 15 million households in over 40 countries and this investment is #SET to bring the impact of Sun King’s solutions now to Nigeria and Uganda as well. 🌍 👏 Nithio’s “Credit Risk Analytics” platform is a risk scoring and portfolio monitoring solution that is purpose-built for the distributed renewable energy sector. The company is deeply invested in mobilizing #energyaccess for the 592 million people in Africa who still lack access to energy. Through their nine key investments for companies like Bboxx Energy Access Nigeria Ltd (BEAN), Winock Solar and d.light, they’ve made available over $15 million in loans and $23 million in capital commitments. We couldn’t be more thrilled for Nithio, who have already enabled access to energy for 98,413 people. We can’t wait to see what impact they will help make happen. 🥂 More on their latest investment in Sun King 👉

Why we invested: Sun King - Nithio

Nithio's Investment and Impact Nithio is proud to announce an investment in Sun King, a company that designs, distributes and finances solar energy solutions in Africa and Asia. Nithio’s loan will enable Sun King to scale its impact in Nigeria and Uganda. "Nithio is proud to announce our data-informed loan to Sun King, which has

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#CapitalInvestment #PortfolioMonitoring #Energysolutions #scaleups #renewableenergy #cleanenergy #solar #investment #africa #energy Image Source: via Nithio’s website

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  • George Kariuki

    18 w

    Solar should be one of the main focuses when it comes to renewable energy projects. Such investments will go a long way toward the realization of the dream.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      18 w

      Great investment.

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