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Swedish government plans to remove the plastic bag tax

The Swedish Democrats and the Swedish government want to abolish or greatly reduce the tax on plastic bags tax implemented 3 years ago at the turn of the year. 🤡 The decision is part of the spring amendment budget that the government will present on Monday. Another populist move for the far right party Swedish Democrats which thinks that it's "a very dysfunctional tax in many ways", said SD's economic policy spokesperson Oscar Sjöstedt. Imagine when he will hear about fossil fuel subsidies 😱 The tax on plastic bags was introduced three years ago and has meant a roughly doubling of the price of plastic carrier bags in grocery stores. The idea was to switch to paper or reusables alternatives. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, the plastic bag tax brought SEK 519 million in revenue to the state last year. The two government parties KD and L voted for the tax 3 years ago and are now taking a step backwards and in favour of pollution and fossil-fuels, great job 👏 What will be the alternative? Is the government going to support the development of compostable bio-plastics options? Or are we just going to pretend that this measure never happened?

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  • Sameen Shahid

    61 w

    Oh wow. Imagine being this clueless 🫡

    • Daniel Waweru

      62 w

      Greed is the leader of such leaders, unreasonable leaders, Plastics of all the things surely?

      • Tabitha Kimani

        62 w

        Totally ridiculous. The world is moving away from plastics.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          62 w

          Totally wrong move, instead they should ban plastic for good

          • rosebellendiritu

            62 w

            It's dissapointing I thought they should be talking about total ban

          • Ajema Lydiah

            62 w

            This is sad news to climate change

            • Jengaj John

              62 w

              @ajema_lydiah its very upsetting.

            • Gorffly mokua

              62 w

              This is a reckless act! How is it dysfunctional ?? Or because they are not making profits?

              • Lucinda Ramsay

                62 w

                Reversing the plastic bag tax seems totally ridiculous, we've had a plastic bag levy in Ireland for years now and it has made a massive difference to littering and use of plastic bags in general. Why anyone would think it a good move to reverse such a measure is beyond me....


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