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Tree species diversity increases likelihood of planting success

Planting forests with diverse species can help ensure their success. The discovery is the result of a decade of research from BiodiversiTREE, a large-scale reforestation project at SERC designed to run 100 years, testing the effects of different tree planting strategies on sapling survival and other ecosystem functions. Forests are naturally diverse, and this diversity of plant species brings an array of benefits which includes:
1.Pest and disease resistance
2.Resilience to climate change
3.Increased wildlife habitat
However, nearly all forest plantations, and some restoration projects, are planted as monocultures—where a single plant species is grown on the land. This practice leaves both managed and unmanaged forests ecologically and economically vulnerable to changing conditions. Another disadvantage of monocultures is the risk of planting failure—where a sapling fails to thrive—and early mortality.
Tree planting alone will not solve climate change, but done right, has significant potential as a natural climate solution. Investing in tree planting, it is important to make sure those new forests are set up for success by employing a diverse set of native species.”

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    • Evangeline Wanjiru

      54 w

      Awesome share, we learn everyday

      • Joyce Waturu

        54 w

        That's quite an informative and educative piece of information

        • Mc Kaka

          54 w

          Great news, livelihood is a critical issue to survive of.

          • Harrison wambui

            54 w

            Thanks we great full

            • Komu Daniel

              54 w

              thankyou for sharing such an insightful piece

              • winnie nguru

                54 w

                Very insightful

                • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                  54 w

                  good information. Thankyou for sharing

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    54 w

                    A great confirmation. Life in the world thrives in symbiotic relationships.

                    • johnte ndeto

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                      Great information

                      • Kevin

                        54 w

                        A very impeccable piece

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                          • Waigwa Monica

                            54 w

                            Thank you for sharing, this is an insightful piece on how ecosystems function.

                            • Joseph Githinji

                              54 w

                              Results of this great research will bring an overhaul in reafforestation process. All must embrace this culture and the recommendations of this research.

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