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French government's "mega-basins" project is a violent assault on nature and people

Tens of thousands of people gathered in the Deux-Sèvres region of France over the weekend to denounce the creation of huge water reservoirs intended for agricultural irrigation. The protest resulted in violent clashes. People talk about 4,000 ammunitions used by the police including GM2L tear gas grenades and other war weapons, many have been wounded and two are in a coma.
See more in Libération. And listen to this heartbreaking recording from this weekend

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The "Soulèvements de la Terre" (Earth Uprisings) movement, which brings together nearly 200 organisations and collectives, the agricultural union "Confédération paysanne", and the local collective "Bassines non merci", had announced a new mobilization against the "mega-basins" four months ago.
These basins are being financed by public money and are considered by many scientists as a poor adaptation solution to repeated droughts due to climate change for a wide range of reasons. These basins are an ineffective solution to the problem of water scarcity. The amount of water that can be stored in these basins is limited, and they can quickly become depleted during periods of prolonged drought. And of course, they do not address the root cause of water scarcity, which is the overexploitation of water resources by intensive agricultural practices and the lack of sustainable water management.
Mega basins are pumping from groundwater reserves
Mega basins are pumping from groundwater reserves

The construction of these basins has a negative impact on the local environment with the excavation of soil and rock causing soil erosion and sedimentation of rivers, leading to the destruction of aquatic habitats and the loss of biodiversity. They also alter the flow of water in rivers, leading to changes in water temperature, oxygen levels, and nutrient concentrations that can impact aquatic ecosystems.
A whole democratic aspect is also to be taken into account here, even though the French government doesn't seem to care much about democracy these days. The project has been criticized for its lack of transparency and consultation with local communities. The French government has been accused of imposing this project on local communities without their input or consent. Great job 👍
The government needs to stop delaying the transition to less water-intensive agriculture practices, that are destroying biodiversity and speeding up climate change. The violence used this weekend shows that once again this government is ready for anything to protect the ones making profits over nature. We need a change in practices for a sustainable food system, building water reservoirs that are pumping all our groundwater reserves is not a viable solution!
More about the project in this video 👇

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  • George Kariuki

    67 w

    It is clear that the French government's "mega-basins" project is not only an assault on nature, but also a violent assault on people. No one should ever have to live in fear for peacefully protesting against a project that threatens their community.

    • Timothy Ndegwa

      67 w

      This is sad to see the government fighting its own for being held accountable of their actions towards environment. A government should welcome checks and balances so that it can be able to address its weaknesses.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        67 w

        The French government is failing to protect its citizens. Citizens interests should come first instead of profits which benefit just a few.

        • Professor Aniebiet Inyang Ntui

          67 w

          Typically, you will never imagine this to happen in a country like France. The pictures we are seeing from Paris are depressing. Macron and his officials need to do something.

          • Joseph Githinji

            67 w

            This is discouraging, better measure should be put in place to save both humanity and environment without distraction.

            • Peter Karanga

              67 w

              This is incredibly concerning. We need to take steps to protect both people and the environment from this destructive project. There are better ways to solve France's water issues that do not involve the destruction of natural habitats and displacement of people.

              • Jane Wangui

                67 w

                @peter_karanga true we need to protect peoples lives.

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