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I am a project developer of a company, GEMM Masterplannning that does energy efficiency improvements to commercial buildings.
I talk to organizations all the time who are tackling a sustainability project. It is one of many on a long list of projects, but they have limited money, so they choose one that is important and fits into their capital budget.
Imagine being able to take on every item on your list of sustainability projects and do them all because you find that there is an unlimited amount of funding to help you to do this, and imagine that doing all these projects improves the conditions in your building and that the savings in energy use more than pays the cost of the financing that you use to do the projects.
This is what it is like working with GEMM Masterplanning. We can help make your buildings more efficient, improve your lighting, improve your air treatment system adding germ killing equipment; we can add solar panels, add energy storage, backup power, vehicle charging... And the C Pace financing that pays for the work is assessed against your property, not your business so it does not affect your availability of credit.
So, would you like to improve the value of your building and improve your cash flow while reducing your carbon footprint? We will help make sure that you get all the tax credits, grants and incentives that are available and manage everything from the initial proposal to the project completion and beyond because we include the routine maintenance that your system needs in the budget. As part of our service we will help you to write your ESG report so you comply with the requirement to have one!
One proposal we are awaiting approval on is at a local truck manufacturer whose parent company had mandated a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint but as yet they had only achieved a 10% reduction. Our proposal eliminates all their gas heating and installs ground source heat pumps to both heat and cool the facility. we will install a solar field that will provide all of their electricity needs and we will add air conditioning where there is none now. The proposal will reduce their carbon footprint by 90%!
If you are interested in learning more call my office at 610-282-0822 or email me at
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