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Climate warning

US allergy season starting earlier due to rising global temperature!

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Allergy season in the US starts earlier this year! As the global temperature has increased in recent years due to climate change, there is literally no part of life that is unimpacted. With rising temperatures, the amount of pollen has also increased, leading to worse allergy and asthma symptoms for vulnerable individuals. 😦
Medical director of the allergy and clinical immunology, Dr. Costa says, “The intensity of the symptoms has increased, which means what used to be responsive to maybe just one pill used sporadically now requires absolutely an allergy pill but also maybe a nasal anti-inflammatory steroid spray as well"
Scientists have noticed altogether new symptoms as well. All this is alarming specially for those with respiratory issues. ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠
The only solution? commitment to lowering the temperature so things can get back to normal!

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  • NicolasS Samer

    42 w

    I began to monitor my health a long time ago and pay great attention to it. I recently decided to try installing the application about which I heard a lot of positive reviews. I think this kind of fasting will help solve not only my weight problems, but also my problems with allergies.

    • Volpa Faro

      56 w

      After incorporating the steroids into my fitness routine, I diligently monitored my progress. I documented changes in my strength, muscle mass, and overall performance. Regular assessments helped me evaluate the effectiveness of the steroids and make any necessary adjustments to my training and supplementation regimen.

      • Patrik Lobergh

        70 w

        This is really serious, happening right know all over our planet

        • Munene Mugambi

          70 w

          People's lives should be taken seriously

          • Sameen Shahid

            70 w

            @munene_mugambi Yes, but who can reason with those responsible for all this :/

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