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Cruise ships banned from Amsterdam capital to combat pollution

Lawmakers in Amsterdam have moved to ban cruise ships from disembarking passengers in the downtown area in order to cut down on pollution and hordes of tourists clogging up city streets. The city's aldermen voted Thursday in favor of a motion directing the city to move the cruise terminal out of the current location in the heart of the city as Amsterdam attempts to grapple with a flood of tourism and the pollution and other negative effects that come with an influx of people. "A clear decision has been made by the council that the cruise (terminal) should leave the city," Ilana Rooderkerk, leader of the centrist D66 party in Amsterdam, told The Associated Press in an email on Friday. "The municipal executive of Amsterdam is now going to work on how to implement it. In any case, as far as we are concerned, large ships no longer moor in the city center of Amsterdam." Amsterdam has been working in recent years to play down its notorious reputation as a party city and the BBC reported that the city has urged British tourists not to hold bachelor parties in the city.

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  • Videlis Eddie

    47 w

    Impressive this will reduce pollution

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      47 w

      incredible move

      • Harrison wambui

        47 w

        Great move

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          48 w

          Great move, other capitals across the world need to emulate this

          • Princess

            48 w

            Although cruise ships make up only 1 percent of the global fleet, they account for 6 percent of black carbon (BC) emissions. This reveals how disproportionately bad for the environment cruise ships are, releasing the highest amount of black carbon per ship of any vessel.

            • winnie nguru

              48 w

              Impressive ..This will bring down pollution levels significantly

              • Jane Wangui

                39 w

                @winnie_nguru we do hope that the ban will not be lifted.

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