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Sweden: Scania's billion-dollar investment is now underway - "The world's greenest batteries"

Scania's billion-dollar investment is now underway - "The world's greenest batteries" Scania's huge, highly automated battery factory in Södertälje can spit out a 1,200 kg battery pack of "the world's greenest batteries" every four minutes. In seven years, every second Scania produced will be electric. The fully automated "module line" consists of 38 ABB robots that handle one battery cell per second, encased in glass to avoid contamination from particles in the air. The cells are checked for voltage, resistance and temperature before being assembled into modules of 15 to 18 cells, with a cycle time of 15 seconds per module.

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  • Ann Nyambura

    39 w

    It's encouraging to see such progress in green technology.

    • Sarah Chabane

      39 w

      Very encouraging for the green transition in the region!

      • Hilda Wangui

        39 w

        Such investment should be embraced towards sustainable energy

        • Esther Wanjiku

          39 w

          Amazing innovations are the future of clean energy

          • johnte ndeto

            39 w

            Such investments on clean energy are welcome

            • Elizabeth Gathigia

              39 w

              An amazing investment that's brings a positive change for a sustainable planet

              • Princess

                39 w

                Such innovations are essential in our journey towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy future.

                • Edwin wangombe

                  39 w

                  This is a game changer

                  • Annett Michuki..

                    39 w


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