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By: Natalia Vega- Berry
🌍✨ Today we are celebrating!
it is the 1 Year anniversary of the New Zero World and I would like to take moments to reflect on this transformative journey!
This goes way back.... it was about 9 years a go when I experienced a defining moment at the United Nations General Assembly. It was the Opening Ceremony of the first ever Climate Summit in 2014 that shifted my path forever. The power of storytelling to evoke genuine human concern and inspire action became evident.
I have always been ad advocate of use the power of creativity for good and explore outside the box thinking to address the most pressing challenges our times. After we committed to support the achievement of the #globalgoals we have been working behind the scenes for the past years advocating to engage creative industries, media and innovation to fill existing voids between global challenges and what they public understand and advocates about.

That's why New Zero World was born, to address urgent climate literacy through innovative communication strategies. With the support of remarkable organizations and individuals from various sectors, we aim to mobilize urgent climate action worldwide. 📚💡

The past year hasn't been easy, it is a whirlwind with crazy schedules, meetings, presentations, travel, occasional hospital stays and endless inspiration. Working with passionate activists, aspiring creatives, global policy officials, and CEOs, I've witnessed the power of unified efforts in shaping a better future. 🌱🌏
From the continue support from the United Nations and engaging with industry leaders and young advocates we are thrilled for successful partnerships like the one with Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the incredible force behind us from the Global Commons Alliance. 🤝🌟

As New Zero World expands and blossoms, I'm grateful for the dedicated team that has made this journey possible. To all our partners, contributors, our advisors, our critics, our friends, our families and most special to the "heroes' the ones who inspire us every day laying the ground for a better future for all.
Excited for the times ahead, for the launch of our White Paper: A new Era in Climate Communications, our Young Creatives Program and for our upcoming initiative that I will reserve to share with you all at Climate Week in NYC

As said by Simon Sinek: what makes a community truly strong and sustainable?
🌈 “To work with each other and for each other”
The time to act is now. Together, we can make a profound impact on our planet and its inhabitants. Every job is a climate change job, what is your superpower?

🌎💚 #NewZeroWorld #ClimateAction #climateweeknyc Peter J. Hall
Tim Kelly Mike Fleisch Jessica Kleczka Samuel Rubin Bella Lack Abdulla Shahid Kirsten Wessel Ann Rosenberg Tom Lindboe Michael Tracy, CFP Salma Ezz Maher Nasser Sweta Chakraborty, PhD Jean-Marc Papin Miguel Naranjo Máximo Mazzocco Jakob Trollbäck Mohammed Amin Shaker Sophia Kianni Dawda Jobarteh

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  • zelda ninga

    47 w

    Happy 1st anniversary of the new Zero World.

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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