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Generating electricity from water: 'We need power at all times for a 100 percent sustainable energy supply'
While solar and wind energy have already matured into mature energy generation techniques, electricity-from-water technologies are still in their infancy. Technically a lot is already possible, but it is not yet happening on a large scale. Where does the Netherlands stand in the field of these technologies? How do we get this sector out of the start-up phase and what is needed to scale up (internationally)? These were questions during a webinar that Invest-NL organized together with Change Inc. organized.
The guests agree that there should be a broader view than just the technology. Ecology, companies in other sectors and other stakeholders must also be included in the development of energy from water. What do they currently see as obstacles and what needs to change to make energy from water successful? How is international upscaling possible and how should it be financed? The table guests come to the following conclusions:

More attention should be paid to energy-from-water technology
Roadmaps are needed for both technology and spatial integration. Both aspects are important for financeability
More locations should be designated for developers to test and scale up
The government must focus more on sustainable energy to ensure a reliable supply
We can take an example from the developments in and the roadmap of offshore wind
Looking back
Curious what else was discussed during this webinar? Then watch it below.

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