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Meet Douglas Worts, a dynamic culture and sustainability expert at WorldViews Consulting and part of The Sustainability Accelerator Network.
🌍 Passionate member of AASLH's Climate & Sustainability Committee and Toronto Ward Museum. With a knack for culture indicators, Doug shapes sustainability using the Inside/Outside model, merging systems thinking with the power of culture. A LEAD fellow since '97, he's championed cultural shifts for global sustainability with the Rockefeller Foundation. 💪
Since 2013, Doug has been a driving force in the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group. For 25+ years, Doug ignited minds as educator and researcher at Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario, curating experimental exhibits, leading studies, and engaging communities. He's also a published and a sought-after speaker on museum innovation and creativity. 🏛️
Join our Ki Futures program and dive into the exciting world of culture and sustainability with Doug. For more information about our program, check out our website at
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