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Eco Material’s Sustainable Green Cement Is Transforming Construction.

Picture the pantheon in Rome, considering that it was built in CE 128,it has held together remarkably well under the footsteps of hundreds of millions of visitors over the century.if the Romans could build something so strong as this why do we have pot holes in our modern roads?the answer lies in the Romans ingenious self healing concrete the science of which was recently revealed by researchers at MITS,In this article we get to learn how sustainable concrete is helping in the construction industry without causing harm to the planet.

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    29 w

    All our cities will be decarbonised if we use green cement

    • Jane Wangui

      29 w

      @chris_ngatia we must use eco friendly materials in all aspects for the sake of climate.

    • mercy nduta

      29 w

      Green cement is indeed the future of construction

      • Princess

        30 w

        Indeed, the development of eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable green cement, is transforming the construction industry.

        • walter lungayi

          31 w

          The use of eco-friendly materials in construction is a crucial step towards sustainable development. Green cement, which is made from recycled materials and emits less carbon dioxide during production, is a promising alternative to traditional cement. By adopting such innovative and environmentally responsible practices, the construction industry can contribute to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a greener future.

          • Sarah Chabane

            31 w

            Green cement is the future if we want to decarbonize our cities!

            • Joseph Githinji

              31 w

              This is so eco-friendly, its a great and favourable product that all can adopt around the globe for sustainable construction.

              • rosebellendiritu

                31 w

                @joseph_githinji it will help to decarbonize our cities and will bring so much positive change.

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