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EPA staff slow to report health risks from lead-tainted Benton Harbor water, report states

Health risks due to high lead levels in drinking water in a majority Black and impoverished Michigan city were not taken quickly to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency leadership, according to a report released Thursday. The EPA Office of Inspector General said staff monitoring the state’s response to lead levels and compliance in Benton Harbor failed to “elevate” the issue of health risks to the city’s residents, per an EPA policy that encourages staff to do so. The issues met several EPA elevation policy criteria, including the appearance of a substantial threat to public health and that normal enforcement and compliance tools seemed unlikely to succeed in the short term, the report said.

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  • Hilda Wangui

    39 w

    It's sad to see state neglecting serious issues like health issue and not giving the information needed to residents

    • Kevin

      39 w

      There should be no delays in such critical times

      • rosebellendiritu

        40 w

        These are supposed to be the issues that should be addressed with urgency

        • Jane Wangui

          34 w

          @rosebellendiritu why did they hesitate to report such issues ASAP.why buy time?

        • Annett Michuki..

          40 w

          every living thing has a right to health living,

          • Joseph Githinji

            40 w

            This is absurd , health is so vital and any problems attached to hinder it must be unearthed.

          • Gorffly mokua

            40 w

            This is very wrong! They should be in frontline to always share the right information at the right time.

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