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New Year's Day is far from summertime (in the Northern Hemisphere), but in comparison to the East Antarctic Plateau - it might as well be. . Antarctica is a brutally cold place, but one region has the rest of the continent (and the world) beat. The East Antarctic Plateau, or more specifically, pockets found within the ridge, can see temperatures that rival even the average temperature of Mars! By using satellite imagery, NASA discovered these small pockets dip down to -135 degrees Fahrenheit, or -93 Celsius! Temperatures like this are hard to comprehend, but a chart by the National Weather Service shows that frostbite occurs in mere minutes at temperatures 40 degrees warmer than these pockets can become. . But how do these places get colder than even the deepest caves and ocean trenches? The cracks and caverns don't stay this brutally cold all of the time, only when conditions are just right. On clear, cold days, what little heat is found there escapes back into space, leaving the coldest of air to sink into the cracks and caverns in the ice. . . Read more about the coldest place on Earth:

Most frigid place on Earth is way colder than average temperature on Mars

In 2004, the king of disaster cinema, Roland Emmerich, brought us yet another vision of the end of the world in The Day After Tomorrow (now streaming on Peacock!). It largely follows a group of high school students including Sam Hall (Jake Gyllenhaal), the son of Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), a paleoclimatologist working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. During an expedition gathering ice cores in Antarctica, Jack witnesses a large piece of the ice shelf break away, spurring h


. Graphic shows a frozen face emoji. The factoid reads: "Hollows within the East Antarctic Plateau can drop to -135 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the coldest places on Earth." . Pixel Planet Today is created by @Terrabyte. Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. 🌎❤️ . . #antarctica #coldwinter #winterfacts #amazingplanet #wildworld #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #terrabyte #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

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