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Fury as national health check of England’s waters faces six-year wait

A national annual health check of England’s waters bodies that is usually conducted annually, will now take six years to complete raising concerns. This has raised anger from compaigners and politicians.

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  • 39 w

    It's a concerning matter and should be addressed urgently

    • 39 w

      I thought it needs urgent action 🤔🤔

      • 39 w

        Quality water is a right to everyone, and it must be prioritized Asap!

        • 39 w

          This is so unruly ⚠️. This is very sensitive matter that rather calls for a quick address.

          • 39 w

            This is really concerning , the delay is a bad sign.

            • 39 w

              Why take so long is it not a priority

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