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Lula promises to end illegal mining in the Amazon if elected

In a bit less than a month, Brazil will vote to elect its President. The two main candidates are current President Jair Bolsonaro facing former President Lula da Silva. And one option is (obviously) better news for the protection of the Amazon and indigenous people than the other. At a recent press conference, Lula presented some measures he would take if elected to contain the destruction of the Amazonian ecosystems. Lula mentioned he would create an Indigenous Peoples Ministry and reestablish the environmental institutions erased by Bolsonaro during his presidency. To contain the deforestation of the Amazon basin he will also go against illegal mining in Brazil. Lula said and pledged to work to stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, which has accelerated due to President Jair Bolsonaro's pro-market policies. “We don’t need to cut down even one more tree to plant soybeans. We don’t need to cut down one more tree to plant corn. We don’t need to cut down a single tree to plant sugarcane or raise cattle,” said the leftist candidate. To reduce deforestation, Lula will also implement public programs to provide farmers with credit at low-interest rates to encourage crops that regenerate the soil and capture carbon. The Amazon is on the brink of collapsing with large parts not able to recover from fires and would not withstand another Bolsonaro’s term. Lula has all the conditions to modernize the practice and make a new administration much better than the previous ones in the environmental area.

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  • Tabitha Kimani

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    Amazon requires a savior

    • MarkosDiego

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      Vamos!! 💚

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