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A workshop by Ambassado / Mostafa Sherbin for climate ambassadors from Arab youth at the Egyptian-Chinese Businessmen Association before their participation with their views from Chinese youth in the Arab-Chinese youth conference for the transformation of a low-carbon green economy in light of the challenges of climate change at Peking University this week
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And this is regarding how to shift to a low-carbon green economy and promote development within the Belt and Road initiative, and support innovation for climate adaptation as well as governments, especially in light of the great trend in the world to increase reliance on renewable energy sources and green hydrogen generation, as well as the transfer of drought- and heat-tolerant agriculture technology to the country. Arabic.

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Ambassador Mostafa Sherbiny thanked the businessman, Dr. Mohamed Mizar, Secretary General and President of the Retary Club in Fayoum, and the climate ambassadors from the Arab youth. #Climate_Ambassadors_Initiative #Voluntary_Team_Foundation_for_Humanitarian_Work #Scientific _ chair _ for _ sustainability _ and _ carbon _ footprint
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