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In a two-month sample period this year, BBC Sport identified 81 short-haul domestic flights made by Premier League teams to and from 100 matches.
Premier League clubs have been seen flying short distances to matches rather than driving or taking the train. This has been evidenced by Trent Alexander-Arnold's return flight from Newcastle to Liverpool, Ben Chadwell's
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flight from London to Leicester, and Nottingham Forest's flight from East Midlands Airport to Blackpool.The length of contentious trips, which ranged from 27 minutes to an hour and a half, was disclosed by an analysis of 100 games played in the UK Premier League between January 19 and March 19, 2023. The research provides new information about "positioning" flights, which involve transporting players and staff to matches by flying nearly empty aircraft to convenient airports, sometimes all over the United Kingdom.
According to the Research:
-Eighty-one domestic visits by Premier League clubs (including return journeys)
-Those 81 journeys included 59 Premier League away games, 16 FA Cup away games, and 6 EFL Cup away games.
-The lowest journey time was 27 minutes, and the longest was 77.
-The typical duration of all 81 journeys was 42 minutes.
BBC Sport emailed Premier League teams with travel information.
Many "positioning" flights were discovered to have connections in the research. Research Findings:
There were 81 player aircraft, and 37 of them had "positioning" marked on them.
Flight times for positioning were between 17 and 84 minutes.
On average, each of the 37 "positioning" journeys took 42 minutes.
Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are produced when gasoline is burned in aircraft. Earth will be warmed by these.
Short-haul aircraft are the most polluting per kilometer, as reported by the UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.
These "positioning flights" get the aircraft ready for its next private charter. Commonly known as "ghost flights," these routes have no passengers on board.
BBC Sport attempted to get a passenger tally from the airlines but was unsuccessful.
The southernmost Premier League team, Bournemouth, might have more to gain by taking to the air. On March 17–18, they took the 73-minute journey to Birmingham Airport for a match against Aston Villa.
This journey took an extra 201 minutes due to the addition of four "positioning flights," three of which went to or from Scotland.
BBC Sport discovered aircraft flying from one London airport to another before player travels, in addition to the 37 positioning flights. It could be bigger as a result.

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    frequent flights should be controlled

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      With information, the concerned organizations will be able to input the correct measures to deal with the problem.

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