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Daniel Waweru

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Climate love


CNN has been on the fore-fron in showcasing stories done by climate activists across the world, this has been important as it has been able to influence people across the world to continuously call for climate action from governments, corporates and businesses. This is one of the story of environmental activists from spain highlighted by C.N.N
At the foot of the Spanish Steps in central Rome is a fountain known as the Barcaccia, into which a group calling themselves Ultima Generazione poured a black liquid they claimed was made from charcoal. A video was uploaded to Twitter depicting four people (three males and a female) inside the fountain removing paper sacks containing a black powder.They tweeted, "It is absurd that this gesture should shock you, when we are experiencing a drought emergency that is putting agriculture, energy production in crisis."

Climate activists dye Spanish Steps fountain water black | CNN

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  • Peter Kamau

    9 w

    That's so commendable of CNN as a recognizable mainstream media house

    • Tabitha Kimani

      9 w

      Once this stories are highlighted, groups, individuals, organizations get motivated to also contribute in solving the climate crisis.

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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