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On to the next crisis - Water Quality 2027. A story about how I use nature to my advantage for water purification.
By Jeroen Nederveen
In 2027, our rivers, ponds, lakes and all other water locations must meet new strict quality requirements. However, this will not be possible given the current state of how we purify water and how we deal with our waste.
And so I included 1 of my inventions as a solution in my Master Plan, namely:
Thermal vacuum osmosis (TVO) - A method to separate water molecules from things such as salt, other minerals and waste products using only solar energy (heat + electricity). Including hydrocarbons and medicine residues, so that only pure water remains. At a cost of 0.02 euros per 1000 liters of water.
For the observant reader, Thermal Vacuum Osmosis is a neat word for distillation. And distillation normally costs a lot of energy and is therefore not the cheapest way of water purification. My secret to making distillation cost-effective is twofold.

• I have found a way to reuse 90%+ of the heat used for distillation.
• And I found a method to maintain the vacuum without using extra energy.

My technical approach to TVO ensures that after the system has been started (priming the system), the only energy required to maintain the purification system is solar heat and the electricity from the water pump.

Combine this with solar heat storage, photoelectric solar panels and battery storage and you can make pure and clean drinking water 24/7 off grid. I devised this system at the time as an alternative to the wells in Africa. And this system is also the foundation of the water supply for the tree plantations needed for the wood for housing construction.

Everything in my Master Plan is connected. And this is just one of the (technical) innovations included in the plan.
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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

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    This narrative introduces a visionary approach to water purification in the face of impending strict quality requirements for water bodies in 2027. The author presents Thermal Vacuum Osmosis (TVO), a cost-effective method that utilizes solar energy for distillation, separating water molecules from contaminants. The emphasis on reusing heat and maintaining a vacuum without extra energy demonstrates a sustainable and innovative solution to water purification. The connection between this technology and broader goals, such as providing clean drinking water off-grid and supporting tree plantations for housing construction, adds depth to the proposed Master Plan. Overall, the narrative showcases a comprehensive and interconnected approach to addressing water quality challenges in the future.

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